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Heads of Muslim countries address OIC Summit

ISTANBUL: OIC 13th Summit is under way in Turkey, while addressing the Summit, Saudi King Shah Salman Bin Abdul Aziz said that Muslim Countries will have to eliminate terrorism and militancy jointly, while Turkish President said that rights must be given to women in Islamic society.

OIC Summit is held in Turkish city Istanbul, while Saudi King expressed concerns over conflicts in Palestine, Yemen and Syria, saying that the war in the name of Islam must end now. Muslim countries will have to eliminate militancy and terrorism from Islamic world jointly.

Turkish President Rejep Tayep said that discrimination behavior with Muslims is increasing in the world, while Muslims are not safe in their countries. Muslim countries will have to help immigrants. He said that Islamic countries will have to take measures to eliminate aggression against Muslims in Palestine and Cyprus, while women must be given rights to resolve their issues in Islamic society. He urged women to prepare proposal for the resolve of their issues and resolve other women issues.

Addressing the Summit, OIC Secretary General Ayad Aman Madni urged for coalition of Muslim countries and supported the reconciliation process in Afghanistan, saying that, Islamic countries must contribute to resolve conflicts in Afghanistan, Palestine, Yemen, Syria and other Muslim countries.