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Health Ministry Issues Coronavirus Alert in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of National Health Services (NHS), Regulations and Coordination on Wednesday has issued an alert to the Disease Surveillance Division and Central Health Establishment to the possible spread of coronavirus in Pakistan after China.

According to the NHS, the notification has been issued in response to the international alert on the virus, which has spread from seafood and animals to humans.

Symptoms of the deadly virus range from fever, to coughing and difficulty breathing. The advisory maintained that health officials investigate anyone who may have had “close physical contact with a suspected or confirmed case”.

NHS has decided to establish coronavirus prevention counters at all airports. It has also been advised that people who recently visited China should also be tested for presence of the virus. The institute directed health officials to investigate a person who may have travelled to Wuhan or any other affected area of China within the last 15 days. It also directed the officials to investigate anyone who may be suffering from severe acute respiratory infections (SARI).