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‘Heart, Liver & Diabetic Patients Have Increased In Pakistan’

ISLAMABAD: The number of patients of heart and liver diseases, and especially diabetes have increased across Pakistan due to lack of health awareness as well as facilities, according to a fact sheet (acquired by Abbtakk News) issued by Ministry of Health.

The issued fact sheet reveals that Pakistan ranks fifth across World in Tuberculosis (TB) as 5,18,000 Pakistanis suffer from the disease annually with at least one case of TB surfaces in Pakistan surfacing within a minute only.

According to the Health Ministry, 22 crore and 40 thousand people of the total population are indulged in cigarette smoking.

10% of country’s population spends Rs64 billion each year in buying of cigarettes.

The report also said that 46% of Pakistan’s population is patient of blood-pressure with 1/3rd of deaths occurring due to heart diseases.

It added that tobacco consumption contributed the largest in dangerous heart diseases in the country.