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Heatwave Expected In Karachi Owing To Cyclone Vayu

KARACHI: Karachi will suffer soaring temperature along with heatwave for few hours due to Tropical cyclone Vayu in the East Arabian Sea that has moved northward in recent hours, according to Pakistan Meteorological Department.

Emergency has been declared in coastal areas of Sindh and fishermen have been instructed not to set sail into the open sea due to the risk of Cyclone Vayu.

Certain areas in Sindh are likely to receive rain with heavy gazes of winds whereas Karachi is all set to witness heatwave as the cyclone has inched closer to the Metropolis.

According to Chief Meteorologist, Cyclone Vayu is 700km far off west from Karachi however the coastal line of the country has no reason to be afraid of it.

Moreover, Tharparkar is probable to receive heavy rainfalls and dust storms.