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Heavy Rain Hits Parts of Punjab, Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Rain-bearing clouds gathered over Punjab in the early hours of Monday morning, causing heavy rain in parts of the province including federal capital.

The federal capital, Sialkot and adjoining areas witnessed exceptionally pleasant weather after the rain, and the residents enjoyed the soft cool breeze with dark clouds blocking the scorching sun.

Electricity supply was suspended due to tripping of the systems in several areas, including Pasroor, Narowal, Wazirabad and adjoining areas.

Heavy downpour with thunderstorm lowered the mercury in the Gujranwala city and adjoining areas.

Scattered rains were also reported from Kallar Syedan, Mirpur city of Azad Kashmir and their adjoining areas, uprooting trees, breaking signboards and hoardings.

Many localities in the rain-hit cities remained inundated and rainwater entered many houses.

On the other hand, the Met Office said more rains and thundershowers were expected in Malakand, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore and their adjoining areas on Monday.