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Heavy rains kill 100 in China’s Bobai province

As many as 100 persons were killed in rain related incidents in South China as rains continued for last three days.  Flood like situation has erupted in the South’s Bobai province.

The floods and land sliding devastated as many as 22 thousand homes while river level also increased after the flood.

Around 725,000 people are compelled to migration to safer places while standing crops scattered around 0.5 million acres also got harm.

Chinese official said that a mammoth total of 850 million dollar have been estimated regarding destruction by floods and rains.

Rains also wreaked havoc in Chinese province of Guizhou and life paralyzed in the province after three days of the rain. Many areas are without electricity and communication system also has disturbed.

Chinese officials have predicted more rains in Southern region of the country.