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Helicopter crash kills three in US, six killed in Italy plane crash

WASHINGTON: At least three people were killed in a helicopter crash in central Florida and six people were killed when their private place traveling from north Italian city of Treviso crashed in a mountainous region of Macedonia.  

Palm Bay police spokeswoman Karyn Brber says the crash  occurred Tuesday afternoon in a largely undeveloped area along Florida’s Space Coast. Police say the older model, military-style helicopter was on the ground and fully engulfed in flames when emergency crew arrived. The blaze was contained within ten minutes.

On the other hand four Italian nationals and two from Kosovo were killed in the crash south of the capital Skopje. The pilot had requested to land at Skopje’s airport to refuel but didn’t report any emergency. Shortly after, the plane lost contact with the airport.

US and Italian officials confirmed the crashes but were not immediately saying what caused the crashed.