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Historic Days Like May 28 Should Not be Made Disputed: Murad

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Communication Murad Saeed has said that today is the day to pay homage to our benefactor, Dr Abdul Qadir Khan. 

“Today, if someone is in jail, is due to his own corruption, therefore, such kind of great day, Yom-e-Takbeer should not be made disputed,” he said while addressing the national assembly session. 

Federal Minister for Communication Murad Saeed said today on occasion of the Yom-e-Takbeer we should pay homage to Dr Abdul Qadir Khan who is our benefactor and made country defence invincible.

Federal Minister for Communication said that if somebody is in jail is all due to his own corruption while the minister urged that the historic day should not make disputed as people are in jail have no any link with the historic day.

Criticizing Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) government, Murad Saeed said that previous government of the PML-N could not even construct a single hospital in the country where its supremo could avail treatment adding that Nawaz Sharif is in jail due to his own corruption while he asked the PML-N government how they increased country loans up to Rs 23000 billion.

He said that Imran Khan will extricate the country from the crisis which the PML-N threw on the country adding that when the PTI government talked of accountability they started making noise while if they are tired of listening to our anti-corruption agenda then we are tired of facing their corruption.

Murad Saeed said that one can hear the uproar of the opposition over the government anti-corruption stand and noises also coming from the Kot Lakhpat prison.

The opposition parties protested and started sloganeering over the strict words of the Minister while Murad Saeed continued his speech despite the opposition protest.

He said that “I will continue my speech with more gentle words as much as you protest, listen to it carefully and pledge today if we take the path of Pakistaniat instead of racism will go towards development.”

Federal Minister said that we should deal with internal and external challenges of the country with unity and we will compete when we will think beyond racism and nationalism.