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Huge explosion in Mexico oil plant kills three, 136 injured

MEXICO CITY: A large explosion at an oil facility in the south-east Mexican state of Veracruz has killed at least three people and injured 136.

According to details the blast hit a facility owned by Mexico’s state oil company, Pemex, in the port city of Coatzacoalcos meanwhile hundreds of people have been evacuated and schools closed while large fire and vast plumes of smoke were emitting from the site.

Several explosions have been reported at Pemex facilities in recent years but cause of the latest blast is unclear Pemex said in a statement. Veracruz state Governor Javier Duarte told a radio station the blast was felt 10km (six miles) away.

The fire was under control by early evening, Pemex said. Residents were told to stay indoors because of the possible toxic nature of the smoke from the blast.

Media reported that the plant produces vinyl chloride, a dangerous chemical used to make PVC pipes and packaging materials.