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Husband Divorces Wife for Demanding Rs 30

NEW DELHI: A man thrashed his wife and gave her triple talaq after she asked him for Rs 30 to buy vegetables in Greater Noida’s Dadri on Sunday. The complainant, thirty-year-old Zainab, said she was beaten by her in-laws, while her husband — Sabir — attacked her with a screwdriver.

“On Saturday evening, my husband Sabir, brother-in-laws Zakir and Idris, sister-in-law Sama and mother-in-law Najjo thrashed me. They also gave me electric shocks with a wire,” she said. “My husband divorced me by triple talaq, spat on my face and ousted me from the house,” she added.

Zainab and her brother Rashid sought their parents’ help, who live about a kilometre away. “We reached there and found that her in-laws had thrashed her. We took her to a local hospital for treatment and then filed a police complaint,” Rashid claimed.

The victim and her family alleged that she had been subjected to abuse earlier as well. On one occasion, when she refused to give her earring to her mother-in-law, she was beaten severely.