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Hyderabad: Toxic liquor claims 12 lives

HYDERABAD: At least twelve people died after consuming the toxic home-made liquor in different areas of Hyderabad.

Police claimed that they arrested more than hundred people involved in making liquor but they didn’t presented a single accused in front of media persons.

According to details, the incidents occurred in Latifabad area no. 4 and 5, Panyari, Tando Yousuf and Tando Jam areas of Hyderabad district, where several dens of home-made liquor are established with alcohol openly being sold.

Local residents have confirmed selling of liquor in their respective areas. However, Police claimed that just five people have been died due to toxic liquor.

While on the other hand, Police launched a crackdown against liquor dens and claimed to have arrested more than 100 dealers.