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“I want them to create their own path”: Bill Gates explains not leaving fortune to children

Outlining reasons why he leave his fortune to charity and not his three children the many-times richest and currently the second richest man in the world Bill Gates has said that leaving immense wealth is not a favor to the children because it is a hindrance to them to create their own path.

In an interview to a US daily Bill Gates said that his three children- Jennifer 20, Rory,17, and Phoebe 14, understand his and his wife Melinda’s decision and are ‘proud’ of their parents dedication to help reduce abject poverty.

The couple started Bill and his 52-year-old better-half Melinda Gates Foundation which is recognized as the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world.

For now Bill and Melinda are encouraging their three children to go to college the fees of which they will pay. The couple, however, wants the children to secure jobs and have careers. The Gates have no plans to leave their fortune of some $78 billion to their brood. No billion-dollar trust funds for these kids.

However, Bill Gates children have not to worry about being poor ever because they would be provided a ‘safety net’ by their parents.

“Our kids will receive a great education and some money so they are never going to be poorly off but they’ll go out and have their own career,” the newspaper quoted 60-year-old Bill Gates as saying.