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‘I was Afghani, still Afghani, to remain Afghani’ says ANP chief

Awami National Party (ANP) chief Asfand Yar Wali has said that census is not being carried out in the country to keep Punjab dominance intact adding that law and order situation is not the reason to avoid census but fear of provinces to be given powers.

Addressing a rally in Sawabi, Asfadn Yar Wali said that the country is in immense need of census. He went on to say that it is not the law and order reason that baring the government to hold census but the fear that provinces will get powers.

Asfand said that without establishment of peace in Afghanistan, peace could not be established in Pakistan. He stressed that  victimization of Afghan people must be ended adding that he was Afghan and will remain Afghan.

The ANP chief said that National Action Plan (NAP) failed because its implementation is not needed but review of Pakistan’s foreign policy and interior policy is needed.