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Indian army helicopter crashes, three killed

An Indian Air Force chopper has crashed in the Nakatia River that flows near the Congress stronghold constituency, as a result of which three army personnel who were on board the chopper have been killed.

The Cheetah helicopter crashed only a few minutes after it took off on a routine flight from the Bareilly army base. The helicopter developed a technical fault which led to the failure of certain components that led to the crash, according to army personnel.

The helicopter had a pilot and two other army personnel on board the helicopter when the fault was discovered mid-flight. The pilot managed to veer the chopper away from any civilian populated area but the helicopter went down to fast. Despite landing in the river which should have given some amount of cushion as compared to a crash on land but it still proved fatal for all three. The Army has initiated an inquiry to find out what led to the fault in the helicopter.