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ICC releases annual ODI, T20 ranking

ICC has released annual ODI and T20 ranking, according to which Pakistan has been demoted to ninth position, Bangladesh and West Indian teams are better than Pakistan, whereas Pakistan is also on seventh position in T20 ICC rankings.

Bangladesh and West Indies have also taken lead over Pakistan. According to annual ODI ranking, Australian team still maintained top position, New Zealand on second, South Africa on third and India on fourth position, Sri Lanka on fifth and England maintained sixth position.

Pakistan is on ninth position, demoted from 8th with 87 points after worst performance. Bangladesh is on seventh number with 98 pints and West Indies secured eight position with 88 points.

New Zealand team became number one team in annual T20 ICC ranking. India on second position, West Indies on third and South Africa is on fourth position, while Pakistan has been demoted to seventh position with 104 points.