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Idiot TV presenter left embarrassed after falling off ladder

Romanian TV presenter suffers humiliating fall from ladder in bizarre on-air stunt… and takes his female assistant down with him

A Romanian television presenter was left nursing a bruised ego after stunt went horribly wrong.

It all started when the host attempted to climb a metal ladder that was being held up by two women as he tried to demonstrate how a local singer, dubbed the Beyonce of Romania, became famous.

But, as he ascended the ladder while describing the gypsy singer’s rise to fame, he met the opposite fate with a humiliating fall.

Audience members watched in bemusement as 33-year-old Mihai Morar, the presenter of the programme called Bad But Good, tumbled off the ladder as his assistant, who was struggling to hold it up under his weight, came crashing down with him.

After falling face-first into the hard floor, Morar jumped up and shouted: ‘Jesus Christ! What a hit. I got it straight in the head.’