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If Elected Representatives Don’t Trust Him Then They Should Come Forward: Imran Khan

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the post of premiership is not important for him adding the change of system is his mission.

The details of meeting in chair of the prmier of the minister has surfaced wherein the PM apprised his decision to take vote of confidence from the assembly .

He said that the aim of taking vote of confidence is to expose the politics of rupees adding that he has decided to take vote of confidence from this assembly. He clarified that he can’t rule like mice adding that one who don’t trust him should come forward.

If power is dear to him then he would keep himself quite adding that the change of the system is his mission. He said that his opinion has proved true adding that he will expose those who sell and buy votes.

He said that holding fair and transparent elections is the duty of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) adding that the war didn’t end we will go to every forum for transparent elections.