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If Punjab Cabinet Approves Then Police Will Be Given To Federal Govt: Hashim Dogar

Lahore: Home Minister Punjab Hashim Dogar has said that all the police of the province can’t be provided to the federal government adding that the police are also necessary in the province to maintain law and order situation.

Addressing a presser in Faisalabad, the Minister said that in a manner inflation is increasing it can happen that Maryam Nawaz gives a call against the federal government.

The home Minister Hashim Dogar said that the Punjab police used to of cooperating with the federal government but all the police of the province can’t be given to the federal government.

The Minister said that that if Imran Khan gives call then a large number of people will be on roads.

Hashim Dogar said that to ensure law and order situation in Punjab it also has need of police.

He said that if any request come from the federal government it will first go the provincial cabinet. If the cabinet gives approval then the police will be given to the federal government, he added