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Ill-fated ATR-42 aircraft was fit to fly: PIA chairman

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Chairman Azam Saigol said that there was no prior fault in the crashed ATR-42 and added that the plane was fit to fly.

While addressing  a press conference in Islamabad, Azam Saigol said that all ATR aircraft in PIA were reliable. He said that there was no possibility of human error in the plane crash.

Azam Saigol said the ill-fated plane disappeared from the radar’s screen at 4:16 pm. He said the captain told about the engine failure at 4:09 pm. The PIA chairman continued that they were hoping that the flight PK-661 will land safe and sound with one engine.

He said that they will investigate that why the plane crashed over failure of one engine. Siagol said that they found the ‘black box’ of the ill-fated plane. He said they will inform the nation about the causes of the plane crash after the investigation.

He said that plane was manufactured in 2007. PIA chairman said they had 11 ATR aircrafts.