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Illegally-appointed CM House spokesman Rasheed Channa drawing hefty salary/perks more than ministers

KARACHI: Chief Minister’s House Spokesman Rasheed Channa, whose very appointment has been illegal, is drawing salary and other perks more than the provincial ministers and legislators.

The illegally-appointed media consultant of CM House is getting illegal extension in his service in violation of the Supreme Court’s directives.

The salary of the consultant, which was Rs3 lakh, was also raised to Rs5 lakhs. He is also drawing numerous perks and privileges, besides the hefty salary package.


The spokesman is drawing such a heavier salary package and perks that the provincial ministers and MPAs can only dream of.

Channa was appointed as media consultant on the recommendations of an important political personality of Sindh by the then Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah on October 14, 2014 when he was dismissed from PTV.


His appointment was also questionable as many competent and qualified candidates were bypassed to pick the blue-eyed man. He was initially appointed for one-year as media consultant of CM House.  Notification of his appointment was issued on October 18, 2014. Later, on political pressure his fixed salary was raised to Rs3 lakh on July 28, 2015.

Despite fixed salary, Channa has been drawing  salary and other perks illegally for many months. After Qaim Ali Shah’s resignation, Channa used his political connection and influence to get extension in his service.

Since December 20, 2016, Channa started drawing the perks and privileges of BPS-20 officer despite being appointed on fixed salary.

He is drawing hundreds of thousands of rupees under the heads of medical, transport and TADA alliances every months.

Channa is also using the facility of official vehicle, petrol and other perks despite drawing conveyance allowance separately.

A former employee of CM house alleged that Channa had got many of his relatives hired in government jobs illegally.

Though spokesman of CM houses or ministries try to improve relations with media house for better working relations, but Channa is a unique character who run campaign against media house.