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IM extends date to return fake NIC voluntarily

Interior minister Chaudhary Nisar has extended the date of return of fake National identity card voluntarily for one month while announced the start of E-passport project within three months.

He made the decision in a meeting held in his chair and it was  also decided to set up database for the Pakistani accused in abroad while the formation of Geo mapping in Karachi and Quetta for anti-terrorism also decided.

Addressing to the meeting Ch Nisar said that the employees who found involved in making fake identity cards would not only sacked and arrested as well and implementation on the order would be started from September.

He further said that 334 foreigners have returned their fake ID cards in which 333 are the Afghan citizens and a Bangali person.

Replying to a question over Fahad Malik case he said that some people wanted to turn the case on political way, however the committee has been set up to investigate the case and cancelling the bails of the accused the probe would be started soon.

He said all the international Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) would be taken to clutches of law within six months.