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Imam-e-Kaaba Arrives In Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Imam-e-Kaaba Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al Juhany arrived in Pakistan on Thursday.

Upon arrival, he was welcomed by a federal minister for religious minister Dr Noorul Haq Qadri.

According to schedule, Imam-e-Kaaba will lead prayers at Faisal Mosque in Islamabad during his stay in Pakistan.

On April 13, the Imam-e-Kaaba will meet ulema and scholars on the invitation of the Saudi ambassador. He will also hold meetings with Prime Minister Imran Khan, COAS Bajwa and President Arif Alvi.

The Imam-e-Kaaba is scheduled to address the International Message of Islam Conference on April 14. On April 15, the Imam-e-Kaaba will attend a dinner reception of the Pakistan Ulema Council.