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Immunization Of Sindh Police Against Coronavirus Decided

Karachi: It has been decided to immunise officers and personnel of Sindh police against the coronavirus to contain the global pandemic.

In this regard, Additional Inspector General (AIGP) of Police Muhammad Tariq Nawaz has instructed officers and personnel of age between 50 to 59 years to register for the vaccination.

The AIGP also requested District Health Officers to establish special desk in the vaccination centers for the police while office staff along with field force will be administered the vaccination.

Muhammad Tariq Nawaz said that the Sindh police is doing frontline role in the fight against the lethal virus adding that total number of affected persons of the coronavirus in Sindh police is 6, 366.

The AIGP apprised that 24 police officers have died during fulfilling their duties while 6, 297 officers and personnel have recovered from the virus.