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Imran accuses govt of creating impression as Army is behind sit-in

ISLAMABAD:  Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Friday accused the government of creating an impression as the Army was behind PTI Nov 2’s  sit-in in Islamabad, saying that the government was harming the state institution in a bid to protect itself from accountability.

Talking to media at Banigala before leaving for Peshawar, Khan said that it was being said that Army was siding with non-state actors.

He said that attempts were being made to save Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from accountability. He asked Nawaz to engage counsel on his personal’s expenses to defend him in the court instead of engaging government lawyers, saying that Nawaz’s ‘corruption’ was caught.

Ruling out any possibility of talks with the government over the issue, Imran asked Attorney General for Pakistan to desist from pleading Nawaz Sharif’s case at the expenses of taxpayers money.’

He said that in democracies, the Prime Minister was accountable.  He advised Nawaz Sahrif to present himself for accountability.

The PTI chief said that Asghar Khan case against Sahrif family was decided after some 20 years. H