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Imran Another Audio Regarding Alleged Horse Trading At Time Of No Confidence Motion Surfaces

Islamabad: Another audio of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan regarding the alleged horse trading at a time of the no-confidence motion has surfaced today (Friday).

As per the lead audio then premier Imran Khan can be heard saying “you have a big misunderstanding that a number game has completed, this number is not like that, don’t think this way.”

The former premier can be listened in the audio that the next 48 hours from this time to next 24 hours are very important. He said that bigger things are happening in this (during 48 hours) adding ” I am playing many tricks from my side, which we can’t public.”

The PTI chairman further heard in the audio “I am purchasing five and I wanted to give a message that those five we have are very important. Then Imran Khan is saying to somebody that tell him that If he let secure five then it will turn to 10 and the game is in our hand.”

“Nation has gotten alarmed at this time that the masses wanted we win anyway, so don’t be worry whether it is right or wrong and any tactics.” Imran said in the audio.

He said in the audio that if anyone pick even one person then it will also going to have a major difference.”