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PM Unaware of His Responsibilities: Sherry

Islamabad (December 06, 2018): The leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Sherry Rehman lashed out at Prime Minister Imran Khan and said that country was passing through in hard times but the prime minister did not aware of his responsibilities.

Sherry Lashes Out At PM, Says”He is Unaware of His Responsibilities”

Addressing press conference accompanied with other party leaders, Senator said that Imran Khan told the nation he had not aware of the increase in dollar prices that showed he did not consider himself PM and he has been remembered the time and again that he has become the PM.

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“PTI is trying to run country pushing it and even government has forgotten they don’t have the majority in Senate,” she said adding that PTI government could not achieve a single plan and only raised the price of dollars.

She mentioned that the government has made the parliament a wrestling ring and practically made the parliament camouflage.

“PTI claims it has not believed in VIP culture, however, their ministers travelling by planes and they visit areas with the caravan of eight vehicles.” She said.Talking on the occasion Nayyar Bukhari said that government has not wisdom and if any ordinance, particularly Presidential tabled will be resisted strongly.

Farahatullah Babar said that FAFEN int its report declared 95 per cent forms were incomplete. Therefore the probing committee should consider the issue.

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