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Imran Khan is a Tool of Foreign Forces: Ahmed Khan

Lahore (July 5, 2017): A spokesman of Punjab government on Saturday accused Imran Khan of being a tool of foreign forces.

Addressing a press conference, Punjab Government Spokesperson Malik Ahmed Khan said that PTI chief was making mockery of country’s  courts. He added that Imran had no respect for law and courts.

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The spokesman questioned as to whether locking down Islamabad was justified or right step by PTI. He accused the opposition of trying to obstruct government from adding 4000 MW power in the national grid in the garb of accountability.

Khan said that in the past, nefarious objectives were met in the past in the name of accountability.

He added that Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif had sent legal notice to Imran Khan but he did not respond it.

Dubbing Imran and PTI as puppet, he said that these very puppets were attempting to weaken the country.  He said that PTI had tried to attack on Prime Minister House by staging sit-in in 2014.

He flayed Imran for making what he said mockery of laws of the land. He added that an anti-terrorism court had declared Imran as proclaimed offender but he did not bothered to appear before the court.

He added that Imran was fearfull

The spokesman said that PML-N had complete trust in Supreme Court, but they had reservation over JIT.

Malik Ahmed Khan hoped that the apex court could decide Panama case on merit.

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