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Imran Khan sends letter to Justice Retd. Wajihuddin

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan sent letter to Justice retd. Wajihuddin and said that he is respectable to him as elder but nobody could be allowed to cross his boundaries and mandate. He formally requested to end more announcements on basis of dissolved tribunal.

Imran Khan stated in the letter that PTI is the only party that conducted intra-party election and Imran Khan established election tribunal as party chairman and appointed Justice retd. Wajihuddin as its head.

Election tribunal was formed on one-point agenda to probe electoral complaints and its report and re-election recommendation was accepted on election petition by PTI leadership. Moreover, the tribunal was dissolved as chairman and appointing authority but unfortunately he has started released declaration from the dissolved tribunal that is out of his authorities.

Imran Khan assured that he would ever take necessary steps to void disasters to the political party and its movement.