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Imran Used Filthy Word For Maryam In His Presence: Claims Ex-DG FIA

Islamabad: Former Director General (DG) Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Bashir Memon levelled allegation on former premier Imran Khan that he had used filthy word for vice-president of the PML-N Maryam Nawaz in his presence.

The allegations were made by a hacker on Twitter, which were confirmed by Memon during an interview to a private news channel. 

Talking to a private news channel, ex-DG FIA, over a query that hackers have claimed that once he was locked inside the toilet in the PM house to which, he confirming the incident also apprised the background of the incident.

He apprised that the former principal secretary of ex-premier, Azam Khan had taken him to Imran Khan for a meet up.

Bashir Memon said that the PTI chief and then premier ordered him to make a case on PML-N leader Khawaja Asif on treason charges, over which he refused to do so.

He apprised further that during conversation Imran Khan in the meeting with him used a mucky word for Maryam Nawaz which he can’t tell.

The ex-dg FIA claimed that he lost his temper after listening a filthy word against Maryam Nawaz , over which he tried to correct the ex-premier and said, “Mr Prime Minister Imran Khan you should talk in a civilized manner.” While judging his temper, Azam Khan took him to his office.

Azam Khan grabbed his hand, took him out of the room and locked him in the washroom.

“Azam Khan then scolded me over my conduct with the prime minister,” said Memon

He apprised further that after leaving Imran Khan office, he uttered many slang words for Imran Khan that he can’t inform.

Bashir Memon apprised that Azam Khan while taking him to his office said to him to cool down and recite darood and forgot what had happened in meeting with Imran Khan.

Bashir Memon has appealed the hackers not to unearth slang words what he used for Imran Khan as what will his children will say if they listened to his slang words.