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Imran Khan’s Downfall Is Imminent: Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said he knows Imran Khan’s downfall is imminent.

Speaking to visitors at Kot Lakhpat prison, Nawaz said, “Imran Khan is a player who will soon be thrown out of the stadium by spectators. His Bani Gala residence is in the midst of corruption. Imran should be ashamed of himself. “

The ex-premier continued, “We came into power through the public’s mandate and they do not have that.  Imran Khan is incompetent and to hide his incompetence, Imran Khan is blaming the previous government. His incompetence has brought the country to the edge of destruction.”

“The government without any foundation is putting politicians in jail,” Nawaz added.

Criticizing the government, the PML-N leader said, “We had said goodbye to the IMF and they are bowing down in front of them.”

“During our tenure, the dollar was in control and our exports were increasing. If Imran Khan was not the selected prime minister then the country would not be in this condition. He has disheartened the nation in just 10 months,” he added.

“In our time in power, the Indian premier came to Pakistan. Now, the Indian PM did not even invite anyone for his oath-taking,” Nawaz lamented, adding, “When we made Pakistan an atomic power, the world realized of Pakistan’s power.”