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Imran To Clean Sweep In Case Of Elections: Firdous

ISLAMABAD: Firdous Ashiq, Special Adviser to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting has said that only a mentally unstable man can ask for a midterm election, AbbTakk news reported on Sunday.

Firdous Ashiq took to the social media and expressed her views on demand of mid-term elections by the opposition.

She wrote on her timeline; “Only a mentally unstable man can ask for mid-term elections.”

“They have different standards for government and opposition,” she added.

“Shahbaz is a bit confused that what he should do now as his party has been hijacked by her niece,” she further said.

In another tweet, she said, “Whenever there will be elections Imran Khan will clean sweep.”

“Shahbaz is a broken man his party is about to collapse,” said Firdous.

“The government succeeded in passing the budget despite all the conspiracies of opposition,” she concluded.