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Increase in Petrol Prices: Single Bench Verdict Challenged in LHC

Lahore (October 12, 2017): The verdict of the single-bench of the Lahore High Court in the case against increase in petroleum and products prices has been challenged at the same court.

The intra-court appeal challenging the single-bench judgment filed by Justice Party argues that the despite reduction in the price of crude oil in the international market the federal government not only did not slash the retail prices of petroleum and products and instead increased them by increasing the sales tax by two percent.

The government, the petitioner argues, has already collection additional sales tax on petroleum products without getting the same approved by the National Assembly and the federal cabinet.The single bench of the LHC rejected the petition by announcing the judgment which was contrary to the facts of the case.

The petitioner pleads the court to declare the judgment of the single bench void ab initio and order the government to stop collecting the two percent additional sales tax.

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