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India confers award on Army officer who tied a Kashmiri to jeep  

New Delhi (May 23, 2017): India conferred Chief of Army Officer’s Commendation Card on the Army major who had tied a Kashmiri man to a jeep.               

Army spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand said the officer had been awarded the Chief of Army Staff’s Commendation Card for “sustained efforts in counter insurgency operations”.

 Sustained efforts imply that the officer has been recognised for work done by him over a period of time. While awarding the officer, “all factors including notable performance of the officer and overall emerging indicators of the court of inquiry have been well-considered”, sources said.

The Indian Army officer had tied a Kashmiri man to the bonnet of his jeep and announced, “this will be the fate of stone-pelters.” The incident had deepened the army-civilian divide and sparked violent protests in occupied valley.

The force and the government had defended the action ordered by Major Leetul Gogoi from Assam. The government also backed the army, with the country’s top law officer saying in April that the officer-in-charge “did a smart thing and defused a nasty situation”.

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