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India Has Become Threat To China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan: PM Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the US is doing big mistake by giving importance to India in South Asia.

The US thinks that India will contain China but that is a completely flawed premise. India is a threat to its neighbors, including China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

He expressed these views in an interview with a German news outlet.

When asked about the upcoming US election, Imran Khan said that Joe Biden is seemingly favored in the polls but he did not count out Donald Trump as anything could happen due to his unpredictability.

He said that we want evenhanded treatment from the US with respect to India, especially with the dispute in Kashmir. He said the US would be ill-advised to think that India will contain China in the region. India is a threat to its neighbors, having the most extremist and racist government on the subcontinent. It is a fascist state, inspired by the Nazis, Khan said.

On Pakistan taking part in the war on terror, the PM said that Pakistan had nothing to do with the terror attacks on 9/11, yet it was pushed into the war because of US pressure, which Pervez Musharraf failed to deal with.

Talking about the US-Taliban peace negotiations and Pakistan’s vital role in them, Imran Khan said that after Afghanistan, the country that wants peace the most is Pakistan. It has lost 70,000 people in the conflict and its tribal areas have been devastated with half the population becoming internally displaced.