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Kashmir is Silent as Graveyard: New York Times

NEW YORK: The US newspaper New York Times has exposed the cunning face of India in its report that said Indian forces turned the live valley into the graveyard.

The report revealed that Indian soldiers entered the homes of Srinagar and other districts without a warrant and most of the time they used to rape the girls and women.

Local officials say that at least 2,000 Kashmiris — including business leaders, human rights defenders, elected representatives, teachers, and students as young as 14 — were rounded up by the federal security forces in the days right before and right after the Indian government unilaterally stripped away Kashmiri’s autonomy.

The detainees have not been able to communicate with their families or meet with lawyers. Their whereabouts remain unknown. Most were taken in the middle of the night, witnesses said.

“In some areas of the valley, Indian soldiers dragged the bodies of the Kashmiri youths on the roads to create fear among the other Kashmiris to bar them from the protest. Most of the arrests of youths are students.

Report further mentioned that   Shops were shut. A.T.M.s had run dry. Just about all lines to the outside world — the internet, mobile phones, even landlines — remained severed, rendering millions of people incommunicado.