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Indian Air Force Jet, Hit By Bird, Jettisons Fuel Tanks

AMBALA: An Indian Air Force jet was forced to jettison fuel tanks and small-sized practice bombs over part of a residential neighborhood in Ambala today after one of its engines was hit mid-flight by a bird.

The Indian media said, quoting IAF sources, said only one engine was hit and the pilot managed to land the plane safely at the Air Force base in the city.

There are no reports of any casualties.

“The pilot jettisoned his fuel tanks and external stores, including some 10 kg practice bombs, to gain height and managed to land back safely,” Air Force officials told the media.

During in-flight emergencies, which this was, pilots are often required to drop under-wing stores such as bombs and external fuel tanks.

The incident happened just as the plane – a Jaguar – was approaching the boundary wall separating the air force base from the city’s Baldev Nagar locality. Part of the debris fell on the roof of a house and some on the street.

Ambulance and fire brigade personnel were dispatched to the scene. The Air Force has said it will order an inquiry into the incident.