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Indian Forces Using ‘Chemical Weapons’ in Kashmir: AJK PM

Islamabad (May 22, 2018): Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Farooq Haider Khan on Tuesday said that Indian forces were using chemical weapons to in occupied Kashmir to suppress the independence movement.

While addressing a ceremony on the martyrdom day of Mirwaiz Moulana Muhammad Farooq and Abdul Ghani Lone, Farooq Haider said that India cannot suppress the basic rights of Kashmiris by using chemical weapons. He said independence is the basic right of the people in occupied Kashmir.

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Farooq Haider demanded of India to stop its human rights violations and crimes against humanity in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The AJK prime minister said that Kashmiris rendered unmatched sacrifices for the independence movement. He said AJK will be given financial and administrative autonomy.

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