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Indian premier turns money wasting machine

New Dehli: Indian (PM) is busy these days to wasting public money by both hands on his luxurious life as New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has presented concrete evidences of Narendra Modi’s corruption.

Indian premier used to of changing five costumes in one day that cost Indian exchequer Rs one million.  Just with an example one can understand How much expensive  Modi remained for Indian nation as he completed two years in power.

On claims of eradicating corruption, he ordered whole of his nation to change 500 and 100 notes and people faced severe difficulty in changing notes and long queues could be witnessed around the banks across the country.

Found of foreign visits, in just one year Indian state carrier faced loss of Indian Rs  117 caroor  due to his foreign visits.

Kejriwal added that ” Modi changes five dresses a day and price of just one suit are of Rs 0.2 million” adding that the man is known for tea selling, his luxurious life did not end here, it will be interesting that “He dresses new suit only once.”  So Modi has one million expenditure for his costumes just for one day.

And one can easily calculate how much losses Indian exchequer had faced within two year rule of luxurious Modi.

No one has forgotten Indian premier suit what he wore when met with the US President Barack Obama. which was  a dark pinstriped suit with his own name repeatedly sewn into.

Kejriwal has answers from where Modi got money as Kejriwal evidences said that Modi took commissions and bribes of amount 25 caroors to billions.