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Indian deprives Pakistan of top Test ranking, NZ ongoing India tour may get cancelled

The 178-run win over New Zealand in the second Test at Kolkata has not helped India win the series but has also helped it replace Pakistan from the top Test ranking.

India had rung the alarm bell for Pakistan after beating New Zealand in the first Test since it could deprive Pakistan of top Test ranking by the end of the Test series.

India had to win the series by 2-nil or 3-nil to push Pakistan to acquire the top Test ranking.

Pakistan secured the top Test ranking in August for the first time since the existing system was introduced in 2003.

India had started the three-match Test series against visitor New Zealand trailing Pakistan (111) by one point.

Meanwhile New Zealand’s tour of India, which is underway currently, may get cancelled due to freezing of all the accounts of Indian Cricket Board for non-implementation of Lodhi Committee. All the accounts of the Indian Board has been frozen and it is being directed to draw funds out only for daily works. New Zealand may not be able to play the third Test and there are strong chances that its India tour may also be cancelled altogether.