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Indo-Pak’s Joint Short Film for Independence Day

Web Desk (August 14, 2018): Digital platforms of neighboring countries, Pakistan and India, has released a short film to celebrate Independence Days of India and Pakistan.

According to the press release, leading digital platform Arré and Teeli has collaborated to co-produce, co-write, and co-create the first digital short film, that was shot across Delhi and Karachi, to celebrate Independence Days of Pakistan, India on August 14 and 15 respectively.

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The collaboration is an attempt to engage with shared cultural values like food, language, and social relationships, rather than the politics that has shaped the current narrative.Matched! captures the unlikely friendship between an Indian girl from Amritsar and a Pakistani boy from Lahore, made possible through a dating app. Lahore and Amritsar are only 50 kilometers apart and yet, are separated by more than just geography.

So what happens when two people who only associate India with Bollywoodand Pakistan with Coke Studio, strike a conversation?A friendship evolves, similarities are discovered, differences are cast aside, and by the end of it, you’re left wondering what makes them so different from us.

The film was simultaneously shot in in Karachi and New Delhi by members of the two teams.

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