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Inflation Bomb on Citizens, Prices of Over 23 Products Hikes

Islamabad (July 07, 2018): Hike in dollar and petroleum products prices has effected the prices of daily use products. Last week, prices of 23 items have been increased.

According to the statistics institution, after the rise in inflation rate, prices of 23 products are increased in a week. The highest increase was experienced in prices of petroleum products, which are increased by 13%.Apart from this, prices of sugar, meat, eggs, mustard oil, red pepper, rice, wheat, ghee and LPG cylinder are also increased.According to statistics institution, prices of a few items have also declined during last week, in which chicken is included. The price of chicken has reduced from Rs. 211 to Rs 188. Banana, tomato, onion, garlic and flour prices have experienced a decline.

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