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Inflation Grips Country In Ramazan

ISLAMABAD: Ramazan-ul-Mubarak is being observed in the country with complete religious fervour but the inflation has broken the backbone of the masses as utility stores ran out of supplies in the country, AbbTakk TV reported on Sunday.

As per details, everyone in a Muslim country waits for Ramazan-ul-Mubarak but in Pakistan, it comes along with an unnecessary hike in the prices of commodities.

According to market surveys by AbbTakk, in Karachi the per dozen price of Bananas has jumped to Rs150 from previous market price of Rs80, Watermelon’s price jumped to Rs 30 from 20, Pumpkin’s price to Rs120 from Rs80. In Hyderabad, prices of Pomegranate’s prices have shockingly jumped to Rs1000 per KG, lemon’s price to Rs300-400 per KG, Garlic’s price to Rs160, Ginger’s price to 240 per KG and Apples are being sold at a price of Rs350 per KG.

On the other hand, Lady Finger at is being sold at Rs200 per KG, Tomatoes at Rs100 per KG and Laces at a price of Rs 120 per KG.