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Inflation In Pakistan Increased Last Month

ISLAMABAD: The inflation rate increased to 0.42 per cent in the month of May as compared to the previous month, according to data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Monday.

According to the data released, the bulk of the inflation was linked to a rise in food prices.

In urban areas, the food items which saw an increase in their prices include Chicken (41.46pc) potatoes (31.19pc), fresh fruits (9.72pc), milk (4.63pc), condiments and spices (3.71pc), butter (2.58pc).

The items whose prices declined in urban areas include: Onions (23.35%), vegetables (19.62%), eggs (18.74%), tomatoes(7.74%), pulse gram (7.25%), pulse masoor (4.43%), besan (4.38%) and wheat (3.37%).

In rural areas, the food items whose prices increased include: Potatoes(41.55%), Chicken(41.15%), fruits(11.46%), Condiments & Spices(8.60%), Pulse Moong(4.36%), Milk (4.23%), Gur(2.75%) and Pulse Mash(2.13%).