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Information Minister Reacts To Imran Khan’s Address

ISLAMABAD: Reacting to Imran Khan’s address, Federal Minister for Information Marriyum Aurangzeb said that Imran Sahib was not tired of telling lies and the people were satisfied.

Reacting to Imran Khan’s address, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said that money launderer proven in foreign funding makes false accusations against others.

The minister said that for four years, the thief of people’s flour, sugar, ghee, LNG has been trying to hide his sins by lying every day. When PML-N left power in 2018, the country was exporting sugar and wheat. If people removed Imran Sahib in 2022, then Pakistan is importing wheat and sugar. Did it give development to agriculture?

The Federal Minister for Information said that the farmers kept pushing for fertilizer in your time. Did you give this development to the farmer? Development? In your four years, flour has gone up from Rs. 35 to 90 and sugar from Rs. 52 to 120 per kg. People have not forgotten.