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Initial Report Into Sialkot Incident Forwarded to PM, CM

SIALKOT: Initial investigation report into SIalkot incident has been sent to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Punjab CM Usman Buzdar.

Police investigators have compiled an initial report on Friday’s gut-wrenching incident that saw a Sri Lankan national being brutally lynched and his body set ablaze by a mob at a factory in Sialkot, said sources.

According to the report, copies of which have been forwarded to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, a delegation from foreign companies was to visit the factory, due to which the manager instructed his workers to clean all machines and remove stickers from them.

The stickers carried religious inscriptions, the report quoted an arrested factory worker as claiming before the investigators. Seemingly, the workers attacked their manager under the garb of the stickers, it said.

“The workers were already enraged at the manager for his strict discipline and work rate,” the report said. “Some workers were also fired for breach of discipline and laziness,” it pointed out.

The report said the police got information about the torture and brutal attack of the manager at 11:25am with three policemen reaching the scene shortly afterwards.