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Initial Report of Farishta Autopsy Reveals Horrific Details

ISLAMABAD: The post-mortem report 10-year-old girl Farishta –who was murdered after being raped has been completed on Monday.

According to the report, there is a visible mark of dagger wound in her stomach while her eyes, brain, and feet were torn and eaten by animals.

The report further reveals that her clothes were not torn and due to her body being in the garbage dump for a while, worms spread over her body, the report added.

The report revealed that the animals had snatched Farishta’s eyes, brain and feet. The medical team could not collect much evidence as the dead body was days old.

The police will now consider the DNA test of the girl as the post mortem report could not reveal many details. Farishta’s DNA report will be finalised by tomorrow.

It must be noted that on May 21, the body of the minor girl was found from the federal capital’s Shahzad Town area on Tuesday. The 10-year-old identified as Farishta was killed after being allegedly raped. Her body was thrown in the forest after committing the horrific crime.