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Inquiry team formed to probe against plane crash at Lahore airport

Safety Investigation Board has been made under the supervision of Air Commodore, Muneeb Butt to probe against crash landing of Shaheen Airlines at Allama Iqbal International Airport.

The investigation team would inquiry the causes of the Boeing crash landing of a private airline, which was en-route from Karachi to Peshawar, leaving plan crews and 112 passengers were striving for life for five minutes before the landing.

Whereas, after the inquiry report, the manufacturing company would review the spare parts of the plan to know either they are repairable or they have to be scraped.

According to the spokesperson of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), two run ways were operational for flights after two hours of the incident last day.Meanwhile, pilot told CAA that the incident was occurred after landing gear was not working, stranded passengers were taken out from the emergency door quickly.As, 15 out of the stranded passengers received minor injures.

According to the spokesperson of CAA, domestic and international flights from Lahore airport has been continued as usual.