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Inspiring Story of Widow Running Roadside Kitchen in Karachi

KARACHI: There are various heart-warming inspiring stories of individuals working hard to earn bread and butter for their families found in Pakistan. Such is the story lies behind a food stall with the name “Amma Ka Pakwan”, run by Salma Zuberi, a widow from Karachi.

Salma, who lost her husband in a road accident, decided to set up a food stall for living instead of crying over her faith.

Starting from spring rolls and samosas, the hard-working lady comes up with some amazingly delicious home-cooked foods including Daal Chawal, Biryani, Zarda, Mixed Sabzi (Vegetables) and many other mouth-watering dishes.

‘Amma ka Pakwan’ also has some amazing deals and discounts for the foodies. Salma Zuberi runs the stall along with her three teenage sons to the family of 12 members.

Salma’s Amma ka Pakwan, located near Samama Shopping Centre, proved that success and happiness come up with hard work and dedication.In an interview, Salma thanked the welfare trust who donated her the stall in financially unstable days for the start-up. “I’m grateful to them.”

The superwoman also praised the society for appreciating her and citizens for coming to the stall.

The story of this inspiring woman teaches us to ‘never give up’ and always ‘believe in Allah’ in times of difficulties because “No one makes a lock without a key. That’s why Allah won’t give you solutions without problems.”