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Instagram Feature Will Let You To Track Your Usage Hours

Web desk(June 18, 2018): Both Google and Apple had recently introduced features in their latest OS which allows people to track the time spent using the phone and on different apps. Following the league is Instagram, which is reportedly working on a similar feature.

According to a recent report, the Facebook-owned picture/video sharing site is going to name this feature as ‘User Insight’. This feature will show its users that how much time they are spending on the app on a daily basis, similar to ‘take a break’ reminder by YouTube.Another interesting feature will allow users to set a limit to their notification and the app will not send any further notification past that limit which will help users to minimize the usages of the Instagram app. ‘User Insight’ feature will be linked to the profile page by adding a new hamburger icon to it. It will also notify the users that they have been using Instagram beyond the pre-set time limit.Though it’s hard to believe that users will take advantage of these features, especially those who are suffering from ‘smartphone addiction’. However, it looks like it won’t stop most popular apps from adding a similar type of feature in near future.

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