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Institutions Aware of All Threats Facing Country: Ahsan

Islamabad (September 19, 2017): Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal Tuesday said the highest committee in the country was the National Security Committee and as such there was no four-member administrative forum where threats facing the state were discussed.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate, the interior minister said there are no threats facing Pakistan which were not in knowledge of the cabinet’s National Security Committee.

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The minister further said that the state institutions were well aware of the situation, denying any four-member forum, where such threats are discussed.

He cleared that the national security committee was the highest forum to discuss such threats.

There is no such “information which a person could have in personal capacity, he added.

Iqbal said the committee meets on regular basis and all the state institutions are well aware of (all perils).

He said there was no such “information which a person could have in personal capacity.”

“There is nothing hidden from a people holding government offices,” the minister said.On the occasion, PPP Senator Aitzaz Ahsan recalled Nisar Ali Khan’s statement in which he had talked of possible threats to the country.

Iqbal’s statement apparently comes in response to Chaudhry Nisar, the former interior minister, who a couple of months ago had alluded to a major threat to national security, pleaded the prime minister to accept the verdict of the Supreme Court in Panama leaks case.

“These are very difficult times and very few know that. A handful of people are aware of the threats the country face. I see very dark clouds surrounding the country,” Nisar said. “There are two army men and two civilians who know of these dangers.”Earlier, addressing a two-day conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said that CPEC is a corridor of geo economic goals for better future of the people instead of geo political confrontation.

The Minister said the CPEC will bring inclusive development in the country by ensuring extensive networks for inter connectivity and beefing up energy and infrastructure development.

He said Pakistan being at the heart of South and Central Asia, can transform into regional hub of trade activity.Ahsan Iqbal said CPEC is a corridor of cooperation and opportunity which will benefit the whole region.

He said countries and regions with better socio-economic indicators are less prone to conflicts.

Addressing the ceremony Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Sun Wei Dong said CPEC is an idea of forging partnerships and friendships.

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